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My main focus here is the ME points that came up in the video, not the hypothesis itself. I am not even interested in the conflicting information or inconsistencies in all the documentaries and articles out there. But I believe the fact there is conflicting information does not indicate an ME per se because both contradicting sides exist and that is generally not how ME works. One reality tends to replace the other, leaving those who remember the previous reality slightly stunned to say the least but absolutely certain it existed and those who do not recall it at all and swear it has always been this way. However, I feel we cannot rule out the fact that conflicting information and inconsistencies could possibly be residue of sorts. Thus being for me sometimes, not always, but sometimes indicative of something having been mandected and it just makes me pay attention to the typical “excuses” and “reasoning” from scientists and experts as to why something has suddenly appeared seemingly out of nowhere. The only reason I may emphasize some of this information is to demonstrate these inconsistencies and highlight what I now call “Indicators”. So, just like we have residue being the remnants of an old reality, we also have indicators being the telltale signs of a new reality. One example of an indicator would be “hidden in plain sight”, or when a scientist says something like “I don’t know how we missed this!”. To be clear here, I am not saying these are definitive, just indicative which is why I chose the word “Indicator”.

So, let’s take a look at what I believe to be the main titanic MEs and why:

1. The Fire In The Coal Bunker

Old reality – there was no fire. Prior to 2017, I and others had never read about or watched any documentary that mentioned a fire on the ship.
This reality – the fire now exists and always has existed, and all of the excuses as to why this was not examined more in-depth are just “indicators” of an ME as far as I am concerned. So the theory is that the hull had been made red-hot by the fire that raged for days if not weeks, yet no one on board noticed any smoke or sign of the fire. Also, the black smear would mean they decided to launch the Titanic on its maiden voyage with a hull that was compromised before it ever left England.


It took 11 men to put out the fire (that was quite the fire!!) or not… depending on which documentary you watch. This one is all over the place. One minute they say they managed to put it out. The next minute they say it was never put out. It is not actually clear if the fire was put out or not. The original fire, which was in Bunker 10 was finally put out 24 hours before the Titanic hit the iceberg. But the fire had apparently spread into Bunker 9, according to eyewitnesses. There is no mention as to whether this was still burning on impact or not. However, I am to assume it was still burning because this was one of the theories as to why the titanic was going too fast in the icefield. The only way to disperse the fire was to shovel the burning coal from the bunker, which was on fire, into the furnace, which is the ship’s main driving force, and it is this action that may have sped the ship up. 

“from the day we sailed from Belfast the Titanic was on fire”

“I didn’t look into the coal bunker fire because everyone was dismissing it. But now there’s new evidence, I’m very much interested in looking into it…”

Another expert: “at the time, I hadn’t put much stock into the fire but now….”

Although I constantly hear of the fire being played down and covered up, Knowledge of the fire was out there, especially amongst the titanic historians. Soon after the disaster, the fire was reported by a New York newspaper after interviewing one of the workers who had tackled the fire on the ship. It was also part of the enquiry. So, a secret it was not.

They only began to tackle the fire AFTER it had left Southampton. And this is after it had already been smouldering for days, at least since leaving Belfast. One expert states the possibility of it being there for weeks.

I know that some of you are going to scream “cover-up” as being the reason nobody knew about the fire. But as I just said, people did know: historians, the workers, the press, anyone who was present at the inquiry…and obviously, word got around. In fact, the fire hypothesis was originally suggested by mechanical and aerospace engineer Robert Essenhigh of Ohio State University back in 2004. Essenhigh says the reason the Titanic was going faster than it should have been may have been a result of sailors’ efforts to put out the fire. As the crew shovelled coal from the bunker to the steam engine boiler – to try to dispose of the source of the fire – the ship would have sped up, according to Essenhigh. Then, In 2008, the idea that the fire was partly to blame was again raised: this time, author and researcher Ray Boston suggested the fire started during speed trials before the ship left Southampton, but the flames still hadn’t been put out before its maiden voyage.

Published in a New York newspaper days after the disaster: John Dilley, a firefighter who was on the titanic said “The Titanic fire was very important.” I would think he would be an expert in the field. It was discovered the day the Titanic prepared to leave Belfast for Southampton. It was normal procedure then to dig out the burning coal before the fires would spread, but the Titanic was the biggest ship ever built and the coal bunkers were 3 storeys high. “Along with 11 other men, they fought the fire” “We made no headway against it” 4 days later, the fire was still getting worse. “We didn’t get the fire out” “From the day we sailed, the titanic was on fire”

2. The Newly-Discovered Photo Album

Most definitely an ME as far as I am concerned.
Old reality – there were no photos, at least not these ones.
This reality – the photos suddenly appear after being found mysteriously in an attic after 100 years or so.


I might be able to digest this one easier if the photographer were some Joe Bloggs who happened to be at the docks on that day and took photos of the ship. But these photos were taken by the Chief Electrical Engineer, John Kempster. I mean, who the fuck makes a nice neat pretty little photo album and then sticks it away in an attic!?

I don’t get it. This was the largest man-made object in the world. Sitting in the dock at Belfast. You are one of the chief engineers and you take some photographs of the whole launch. It’s a big deal. One of the most celebrated moments in history. The launching of the unsinkable Titanic. The Queen of the Ocean. Docks had to be specially built to moor this ship because she was so big. This was a momentous moment!! And yet… it has taken over 100 years for these images to appear showing a supposed 30 feet long scorch mark.

This was one of the most scrutinized disasters ever and suddenly photos appear to highlight a fire that may have been burning for weeks  in the coal bunker.

Why didn’t we see these scorch marks on other photos? There have been plenty of photos in circulation of the Titanic before she sailed.

While “newly-discovered” does not necessarily constitute an ME, it is certainly an indicator for me, especially with this point.

Brad Matsen, an expert on the titanic commented as he was shown the photos “I have never seen these photographs. This is completely new.” Why would he even say that when he knows they are “newly discovered” and have been just freshly dusted off from lying in an attic for over 100 bloody years???

Another titanic historian “Wow! This is completely new!” Yeah, again…. No shit, sherlock!!

The only images that have these 30 ft scorch marks happen to come from a collection of images that had been hidden away in some attic for over 100 years?

In the video from National Geographic titled “Titanic: The final word with James Cameron”, they interview an artist who has been painting the titanic for years – surely this corroborates the fact that no other image shows those scorch marks on the side of the ship. Being a painter, he would have noticed such a detail and questioned it, right?

The photos came to light in 2012 when they were put into auction. The fire was an ME for me around 2017/18. There was no mention of any photos at this time and they had to have been around. Most of the articles reporting these photos with the scorch mark are dated 2017. 

What I think is most mysterious of all is that these newly discovered images are the ONLY images with this scorch mark highlighting something that didn’t exist anyway in my timeline. It’s like one ME is pointing out another….

FOOTNOTE: The black mark on the side of the ship could be some kind of camera defect and appears only on these photos (this is also a point discussed in the various Titanic forums where many people don’t buy this theory). But that still doesn’t take away the fact that the photos appeared out of effing nowhere. Also, I doubt that it is a camera defect since the smear appears on two separate images at different angles in the same spot on the hull. But as I have already said, I am not debating the theories here. Just the MEs.

3. The Nearest Ship

Old reality: The nearest ship was the Carpathia but could not make it in time before the ship sank. The Titanic never received any warnings of the approaching icebergs.
This reality: The nearest ship to the Titanic was The Californian who radioed a warning to all ships, as they passed several large icebergs. In fact, The Titanic received SEVERAL warnings about the icebergs drifting into their path. The Titanic also acknowledged the message from The Californian. The Carpathia arrived after the Titanic sank and they transported all the survivors to safety.


I do not remember a ship called The Californian and this has been confirmed by a fellow mandected who remembers the same thing..

The events surrounding the warnings & distress signals between nearby ships are very hazy and unclear. Lots of inconsistencies here depending on which documentary you watch, and the main documentaries I am referring to are usually pretty reliable sources: National Geographic, Smithsonian Channel & Discovery Canada. 

I specifically remember The Carpathia being the nearest ship.

Within sight of the sinking Titanic, a light from a nearby ship could clearly be seen by hundreds of passengers. But the light gradually faded away. This would become known as The Mystery Ship thus enhancing the confusion with which ship was nearest. To me, this is a classic indicator. 

4. Why was the Titanic going too fast?

I personally do not remember this one but some do so I am including it in here.
Old reality: It was general knowledge that the titanic was going full speed ahead through the icebergs because she was trying to set a record for speed.
This reality: It is general knowledge that the Titanic was not built for speed, so she couldn’t break any speed records even if she wanted to. This is one of the big mysteries in this reality.


National Geographic “Titanic’s Fatal Fire” “… It is a long-standing misconception that Titanic was trying to set a record for a transatlantic crossing”. How many times have I heard the misconception argument with an ME?

I came across a flyer from the other liner company which highlights their slogan of being the fastest ships in the world. This demonstrates to me that speed was a factor. And we know that the owner of the Titanic was under pressure from the competition. 

5. The Route

This is an ME for me. What’s more, I only saw this right at the end of putting this video together. I was re-watching my last video just wrapping up things, and as freaking usual when I am doing these videos, this appeared on my screen along with the narrator’s words… “The Titanic pushed ahead on schedule. She makes a brief stop at Queenstown in Ireland…”


Firstly, the titanic was not on schedule. It was about a month behind schedule, Because of repairs needed on the Titanic’s sister ship The Olympic, this affected the Titanic’s schedule. In fact, her maiden voyage had to be postponed several times. so why they would say this, I have no idea.

Secondly, this is the first I have heard of a detour…. Wtf??

Thirdly, although the image shows 2 detours actually – the narrator only mentions one.

I was curious about this one so i decided to go search for images of the titanic at each port. Also, I wanted to see if I could find an image with the scorch mark on the side of the ship from the photos of each dock. On a google search, I typed in “titanic docked in….” and google suggested 3 options only: Belfast, Southampton and Queenstown, but not Cherbourg. I then of course typed in Cherbourg manually and hey presto – a shit load of images. 

6. Newly-Discovered rust-eating Bacteria

I honestly don’t know if this is an ME or not. I am just putting it out there for consumption. I simply couldn’t do this video without including the “newly-discovered” rust-eating bacteria that is currently eating the titanic wreck, discovered in 2010. Meet the Halomonas Titanicae.



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