E.T. Goodbye Scene

Posted by AngelEowyn

In the film E.T., as ET was leaving he said to Elliot “I’ll be right here”, 

his finger tip lit up and he slowly touched a part of Elliot’s body. Which part of Elliot’s body do you remember ET touching in this moment? I remember the scene in the image below, but the image is not from the film. The film has been Mandela Effected. Now, ET touches Elliot’s forehead. It’s as if he is touching his third eye now. 

Some have also noticed that ET now appears bigger. I watched a comparison video between the 1982 and 2002 remake where they used cgi animation for ET as opposed to a puppet. Quite honestly, i thought ET was smaller in height therefore the remake does not explain this discrepancy…yes, sometimes his head looks bigger…