Ana b'koach

“Ana b’koach is an ancient prayer, composed by Rav Nehunia Ben Hakannah, that has been revived by the Kabbalah Centre.
Known as the 42-letter Name of God/The Divine, this prayer is a unique formula built of 42 letters written in seven sentences of six words each (the first letters of each word form the 42-letter name of god/the divine). 

The kabbalists explain that this combination of letters takes us back to the time of Creation, and each time we meditate on a particular sequence, we return to the original uncorrupted energy that built the world.

By performing the Ana b’koach meditation, we enrich our lives with unadulterated spiritual Light and positive energy.”
I am joining an image of the prayer and the Hebrew letters with an explanation of the effect of each sentence as well as a link to my favourite rendition of the prayer/song. I am sharing just in case you resonate with it as much as I do and because I really feel this can be a tool to align us with the power of Creation to work with the flow of Ascension and moving into the 5th Dimension Earth (for those of you who are into that )